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Bajan Proverbs


Cat luck ain't dog luck.

What one person might get away with another will not.

Champagne taste and mauby pocket.

Living beyond your means.

Day does run till night catch it.

Eventually you must take responsibility for your actions.

De berry don't fall too far from de tree.

Children have similar characteristics to their parents.

De devil does find work for idle hands.

People with nothing to do are more likely to get into trouble.

De higher de monkey climb de more he show he tail.

The more you show off, the more your inadequacies are revealed.

De last calf kill de cow.

A series of minor actions could culminate in disaster.

De sea ain't got nuh back door.

The sea can be dangerous so be careful.

Don't hang yuh hat where yuh hand can't reach.

Don't live beyond your means.

Don't rush de brush and throw away de paint.

Don't let haste create problems for you.

Don't tek a six for a nine.

Do not over do; do not take advantage of a person’s generosity. 

Education ain't common sense.

Because you have been formally educated doesn't mean you are wise.

Egg ain't got no right at rock-stone dance.

You should avoid situations which can be harmful to you.

Every bush is a man.

Be careful how you speak, you never know who is listening.

Every fool got he sense.

Everyone is knowledgeable in one area or the other.

Every pig got a Saturday.

Everyone has a day of reckoning; 

Every skin teet ain't a laugh.

Every smile or grin is not to be trusted

Give jack he jacket.

Give credit where credit is due.

Hard ears yuh won't hear, by and by yuh gine feel.

If you don’t listen to good advice eventually you will feel the consequences.

Head ain't brain.

Not everybody is wise.

High wind know where ole house live.

Advantage is often taken of those who are weak.

Home drums beat first.

Look after your family before taking on someone else's problems.

Hungry mek cat eat salt.

Necessity often causes people to do things they wouldn't normally do.

Hurry-hurry never done.

Don't do anything in a hurry, you might have to re-do it.

If  black bird fly with pigeon he will get shoot.

If you associate with the wrong people you will get the same treatment that they do.

If greedy wait, hot will cool.

Patience will be rewarded.

If yuh ain't got horse ride cow.

Make do with what you have.

It don't tek a big axe to cut down a big tree.

Size does not limit capabilities.

Never eat and forget.

Do not show ingratitude by forgetting the hand that feed you.

One hand can't clap.

Active cooperation is needed to get things done.

One-one blow does kill ole cow.

What may seem like a minor irritation may cause disaster if repeated often enough.

One smart dead at two smart door.

No matter how smart you think you are there is someone smarter than you.

Small pitcher got wide ear hole.

Be careful what is said in front of children who might understand far more than you think.

Tekking time ain't laziness.

It is alright to take your time, you can achieve a lot if you do so.

Water does run, but blood does clot.

Relationships and loyalties within the family are the strongest and most important ones.

What sweeten goat mout does bun he tail.

What might be initially pleasurable might result in displeasure later.

Yuh can’t put mongoose to watch chicken.

Never trust people with things that will tempt them.

Yuh got a plaster fuh every sore.

You have an answer for everything.

Yuh can't be in de church and de chapel too.

You can't be in more than one place at a time.

Yuh head ain't mek fuh hat alone.

You should always use your common sense.

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