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Our Island

Barbados, the most easterly island of the Caribbean, is a tourist paradise known for its clear blue seas and white sandy beaches.

As we say in Barbados, “We are 166 square miles and a smile wide”. Barbadians, or Bajans as we like to call ourselves, are very friendly. We are very true to the fun-loving, laid-back lifestyle of island people.

When referring to Barbados you may hear us use terms such as Bim, Buhbadus, the rock, and even our area code 246.

We became independent from Britain on 30th of November 1966. Our independence is represented by the broken trident which is seen on our flag. The Broken trident, the shape of the island and the area code are symbols that we Bajans use proudly in our branding.

Barbados has a strong African heritage which is seen in our food, dance, fashion, art and language.

Broken English and a smattering of African words make up the Bajan dialect and old Bajan proverbs are used in our everyday conversations.

To learn more about our unique vernacular view our glossary of Bajan Sayings and Bajan Proverbs