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Our Story

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I am Angela, the heart and hands behind these artistic designs. 

I enjoy innovating and creating so you will often find me at my studio designing the next collection or refining and upgrading my skills to deliver the fine quality, unique pieces that my customers expect from the Angelique Barbados brand. 

One of my sources of inspiration is my rich Barbadian and African heritage. I am quite fond of the Bajan dialect, sayings and proverbs, and often use them for artistic expression. 

I am also inspired by Exodus 35, where God gifted two men the ability to be master craftsmen, they were then able to pass on their skill to others, developing a team of excellent craftsmen to achieve His purpose. This has shaped my vision for Angelique Barbados. As I learn and excel at my craft, I want to share my knowledge through my jewellery school, to make a meaningful contribution to the development of the culture industry of Barbados.  

It is my intention through my work, to be, as my national anthem states, a “strict guardian of our heritage”.